06/15/2015 No Depression, 'Jessica Lee Wilkes - Lone Wolf (Review)'

Its footloose freedom from care an immediate attraction, this economical, effectual five-cut EP slides listeners up into a retro hip-shaking party dimension, one from which few are likely to seek return. The finger-popping, clapped satisfactions of the forward '50s/'60s-type rock'n'roll here dealt derive no little finger-licking flavor from smokily potent, old-school r&b and soul.

For some five years, boldly voiced bassist Jessica Lee established herself as a stalwart, driving member of JD Wilkes and the Dirt Daubers. She now commands center spotlight with singular authority.

Throwing out swingalong ruckus at her elbow are agile, energetic JD McPherson drummer Jason Smay, legendarily rampaging surf/rockabilly guitar icon Eddie Angel (Los Straitjackets, Robert Gordon, Planet Rockers), and Hooten Hallers' good-time saxophone vociferant Kellie Everett - whose boisterous, dance floor-quaking exhortations recall Lee Allen.

If you won't be spinning this good-time wax at your next quarter party, notify groove-digging neighborhood hipsters so they can make other plans.

Recommended: "Go Ahead Baby," "Groove's Too Shallow," "Love Like Crazy,"